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A Pilgrimage to Some of the World's Great Choirs

After 47 years of working with choirs of all shapes, sizes, genders, ages, talents, and skill sets, I am taking a semester to visit some of the world's greatest choirs in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Lithuania, and Latvia.  
If you, too, love choral music, sit back, relax, and read on!

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The London Blitz, Part 1

So, it is the final week of Choircrawl 2021, and I am squeezing in as many London choral concerts as possible — a blitz, if you will. ...

Homecoming with Simon Halsey

Simon Halsey Director of the City of Birmingham Symphony Chorus Director of the London Symphony Chorus Director of Choral Studies,...


My time in the land of academic robes, ornate chapels, and storied dining halls began with a boy choir, which is ironic since this...

Women in Oslo

This wonderful statue was outside our Oslo hotel, and it encapsulates my experience there. "Women in Oslo,” begins with a man, Sigurd...


It was a dark and stormy night (actually, morning). I couldn't find my hat, and the wind constantly turned my cheap umbrella inside out....

The Sofiavokalensemble

Our final concert of the Lund Choral Festival was that of the Sofiavokalensemble of Stockholm, a renowned choir that has been winning...

Svanholm Singers

It would seem that every citizen in Lund, Sweden packed into the large Cathedral yesterday at noon to hear the home-town boys, the...

The Choir at Royal Holloway College, London

I have spent the past two days visiting the Royal Holloway College Choir and their superb director, Rupert Gough. This is a choir that...

In Search of the Secret Sauce

So, what do I hope to learn on this trip? Well, I hope to find the "secret sauce." What makes these choirs so wonderful? What level of...

So Many Choices...

So, with so many great choirs in the world, how does one decide where to go and whom to see? It all began with Youth Choir Kamer...

Following One's Passion

My passion is choral music, and I discovered this passion in fourth grade music class. This is my fourth grade school picture. Our...

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